Sunday, May 30, 2010

Give thanks

Thanksgiving is a day where we pause and give thanks for the things we have, Memorial Day is a day when we pause to give thanks to the people who fought for the things we have.

Go find a veteran to thank...or come over July 10th to our house for a welcome home for Mark/housewarming party. 3-9pm, open house style. Feel free to bring some food/appetizer or snacks to share. If you need our address, e-mail me for it (, ask a Trefethren, or ask a Pound... and one of us will be able to direct you to the right place!

Mark leaves tomorrow to for his journey home (our tomorrow is their Tuesday). All sorts of excitement fills our world right now.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brownie Pound

This dog has a mind of his own! He's currently camped out under our bed, for the third time after pulling him out. He went under there to get his Kong that rolled under. He can't get out by himself, so i've pulled him out three times. Once by his hind legs, and twice by his front...and he keeps going back under. This is a new thing. He did it once last night in the middle of the night but didn't go back after I pulled him out. so funny!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Single digits! The excitement grows...

I've been so busy with my sisters wedding festivities, work, and entertaining the dog... that the days have been going really fast.

Mark has also been busy with training in the new unit, still working 12 hour days, every day and going on several missions. As of a couple days ago, he still had one to go on before their time was done. They are working up until the last minute. I haven't heard how the weather is lately, but it probably can't be much better than ours. I doubt they have the humidity that Minnesota graces us with, but it's still HOT.

We are planning a welcome home/housewarming party for July, so i'll update everyone on the date(s) for that. Mark is really excited to see and personally thank everyone for all of the care packages, well wishes and prayers. We are a very lucky family to have just great people around us.

I found this picture last night...

...and this one too...

People ask me almost daily, "how do you do it," "I bet your really sad that he's gone," "I hope he comes home..."

The fact is, I couldn't be more proud. Do you know what it's like to be overflowing with happiness, and yet alone? I'm physically by myself, but so happy that he has stopped his life here at home and is doing what he is passionate about. Everyone has their opinion of him being there, but the bottom line is, he's serving for you, me and everyone around us. Thank God that we have people who are willing to put their lives on "hold," and even give their lives up for our country...our freedom.

To be honest, most days I'm happy. Happy to have someone in my life that I can be so proud of. happy for. I'm glad that he followed his heart and pursued something that he truly wanted to do. When he joined the Army, he said, "I feel that it is my duty to serve my country, be a part of something bigger than yourself...." and I have no choice but to support him in his choices.

I can't wait for the day that I get to see him again, hug him, and be able to start our lives together. This year is just a brief moment in our lives, that will soon be in the past. I would do anything for this guy, and he would do anything for our country, so lets keep them all in our prayers as they get ready to come home....and for a safe trip.

Love makes the world go round :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


17 days until he leaves the sandbox. ...well it will be 17 in thirty minutes for us folks in the good old US of A.

Here is an update from him tonight...

"Soon the new unit will be here, then we will have to train people in. They call it left seat right seat. things are going decent right now. Mitchell and myself go running 3.5 - 4miles a night I seem to lift about every other day or so. Otherwise I read books and since my computer is broken I read more books =) they just finished the mwr and they have a "movie theater" so we go there sometimes to watch a movie. "

There are pictures of their new MWR, and well as the 4 mile run they did in remembrance of Cauley here...
The pictures are one of the soldiers, who Mark doesn't directly work with... so there aren't any of him, but lots of their base and other things listed above.

In other news, my dog just ate a sucker, stick and all....and he smells...

Possibly the most unattractive and cutest picture all in one :)


Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Just change..."

...that's what Mark says about how much time is left to come home. "A month/two months/three months, and ...some change." but now, it's just "some change..."
He just got back from a mission, but does have another one coming up. I don't like when he goes on them, but for every one he goes on, it's one less that he has to do in the future. One month seems like a looooonnng time, but we're 12/13 of the way done! One month out of thirteen is like one hour out of 24, just a moment in time...this wait will all be over soon.

Today Trooper and I did a 5 mile walk for the Humane Society...there were hundreds of people there, therefore hundreds of DOGS, as well as ferrets, cats, and rabbits. I understand the dog thing, but the rest of those animals were pretty entertaining to see being pushed around in strollers. It ended up being him walking me, and me fighting him the entire way. We went with one of his girlfriends, Abbey.

I came home and dug up some energy to do yard seems to be never-ending! I mowed the yard, dug up weeds, and gave myself more work to do by cutting down an overgrown bush. This thing was so ugly, looked like an overgrown weed and blocked my window. I cut it down, then cut most of the branches up. I must say, it is nice to have the sun shine through now! My body feels like i'm about 80 right now. I'll be regretting doing that by morning!
This picture pretty much sums up Trooper.

Trying to sleep while I bug him. He's getting better about sleeping, but still wakes up twice or so to g out. He's a whopping 50 lbs now...double from what he was when I got him. Labs average 60-80 lbs.

He is so modest

Before long, Mark will be updating!