Friday, August 8, 2014

Hudson- month 6

6 months have flown by! My little baby isn't so little anymore.

Hudson stats:
16.5 lbs-  15th percentile
27.5in long- 60th percentile
Size 3 diapers
6 month clothes
Sleeping 5 hours at a time
Wakes once a night

Babywearing with mom
Tummy time
Scooting around the floor
Chewing on everything and anything
Foam letters
Watching his brother play
Tickles from dad

Having his face wiped off
His crib
Laying still
Laying on his back
Long car rides
Having nails clipped

New adventures:
Eating his first solid food- veggie burger
Vacation up north
Cabin trip
Birthday parties

Gavin has been such a good big brother!

Happy 6 months, baby boy!