Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another day

Mark made is safely to Indiana yesterday (17th) in the afternoon sometime. His "going-away" ceremony was this past Sunday, and was packed with all of the soldiers families (187 soldiers are being deployed). Gov Paulenty was there with several important people who spoke, and called the names of all the soldiers, it was kind of neat.

There was another ceremony in Chisholm on Monday, which was a bit of a bigger celebration. They cooked out for the soldiers, and had gotten military airplanes to fly over the area (doing an airshow of some sort). I don't think Mark would be real proud of my blogging skills, as I don't know all the cool details of what happened. Ok, I just can't remember them :)

I dropped him off at the Duluth armory around 6am on Wednesday, so they could head to the airport, but they just ended up having to sit around for 6 more hours. I don't think they appreciated that much. The guys got to fly on a plane run by military people, so they did not have to go through security, or even have their bags checked. They just walked on the runway area, and took steps to the plane, kinda neat. Yesterday was pretty relaxed for them, but today is lots of briefings and paperwork- Mark's favorite (not really).

Other than that, not too much more is happening. He did just find out that their time in Indiana is extended from around 30 days to 45 days, which isn't Mark's bigger thrill, but does mean less days in country...he just wants to get things moving, and start the deployment.

Thats about it for now!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

This is Heather and Mark writing to you. The rest of the posts will be mostly by me unless Mark has time to get online.

This blog is created to keep you updated on Marks deployment over the next year.

During the last deployment, I was able to talk to Mark about once a week, so anytime I hear anything story worth, I will let you all know...or just to let you know everything is good. Sometimes no news is good news though.

Mark and I are going to Duluth this weekend for his "send-away" ceremony, from which he will be sent off to Camp Atterbury in Indiana for about a month. He has been gone since May 12th, spending his time up at Camp Ripley. The next plans of us meeting up are for me to fly down to see him in Indiana if his schedule permits.

I will also let you know of his address, so you are able to send him packages when the times comes! He likes to get things that remind him of "normal" life back home. :)

Please keep us in your prayers as he is gone.

H & M

"Some hero's wear capes, mine wears combat boots"