Friday, August 8, 2014

Hudson- month 6

6 months have flown by! My little baby isn't so little anymore.

Hudson stats:
16.5 lbs-  15th percentile
27.5in long- 60th percentile
Size 3 diapers
6 month clothes
Sleeping 5 hours at a time
Wakes once a night

Babywearing with mom
Tummy time
Scooting around the floor
Chewing on everything and anything
Foam letters
Watching his brother play
Tickles from dad

Having his face wiped off
His crib
Laying still
Laying on his back
Long car rides
Having nails clipped

New adventures:
Eating his first solid food- veggie burger
Vacation up north
Cabin trip
Birthday parties

Gavin has been such a good big brother!

Happy 6 months, baby boy!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I am sitting here with two and a half month old Hudson smushed up on my chest sleeping. I have nature sounds playing in the background, to relax him to stay sleeping. He is a very soft sleeper and is woken up from even Trooper's nails tapping on the hardwood floor.

After you have one baby, you think you've got it down and really, you've done it all once, how different could it be? Hudson is a very different baby, from Gavin.
  • Very light sleeper
  • Cries at every stop you make in the car, and hushes once you start driving again
  • Mama's boy. Will tolerate others holding him in certain positions and when i'm gone. Once he hears/smells me, it's game on until he's back in my arms
  • Sleeps best when he's close to me (aka, touching me)
  • Prefers sleeping on his side
  • Prefers taking baths with his body fully submerged in the water
  • Won't take a bottle from me or take one if he can hear me
  • Prefers to sleep swaddled
  • Likes to suck to go to sleep-paci baby when tired
  • LOVES being carried in a wrap- won't hangout any other way without crying
  • Deep sleeper
  • Tummy sleeper
  • Never slept in our bed- took to a crib right away
  • Took bottles without an issue
  • Liked to be held by anyone
  • No paci
  • Could stay in his car seat all day if we had let him
  • Loved to see what was going on, in the stroller- didn't love being in a wrap
I feel like we're learning to parent all over again with Hudson. Gavin has warmed up to Hudson and now likes to "talk" with him. He tells us that Hudson says, "I'm thankful for you, Gavin." I'm sure that's what he's thinking as Gavin runs him over with his trucks :) It is sweet to see Gavin become the protector of Hudson and always referring to him as, "Baby Hudson," and not wanting anyone else to touch him.

I will be back to work mid-May, which i'm looking forward to, but will miss my time with Hudson. I'm enjoying the one on one time with him and soaking up all of the baby goodness because before I know it, he'll be two like Gavin and be telling me to "go away," and that he wants to be alone. 

Love our boys! I can't imagine life without them.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Story of Four

Up until Wednesday, Jan 15th, I had been to work with no issues. This day however, I wasn't feeling great. The pregnancy insomnia was at an all time high, allowing me to sleep for only 3-4 interrupted hours a night. I worked from home for half the day and tried to nap the rest of the day. The sleepless night continued into Thursday, when I called my mom to come over. I was really nervous about having to take Gavin to the hospital with us. She came over in the middle of the night and spent the night here. On Thursday, we headed into the hospital with contractions 2-3 minutes apart. Several hours of fetal monitoring and walking the halls, we were sent back home. This happened again one more time before the real deal.

Friday, Jan 17th, I slept for a few hours, but was otherwise woken up from full blown labor at 3:30am. Around 4:30am, I called the midwife. She was sure that I wasn't in labor, and that I should stay home. She said to wait it out another hour and she'd give me a call back. Before we hung up, she threw in there, that the hospital that I was to deliver at was full. About a half hour later, I gave her a call back to ask about our options. My labor with Gavin was fairly quick, so we didn't want to sit around for too long. She mentioned again that she was sure I wasn't in labor, and that my only other options were to find a different hospital to go to. She was less than pleased with my desire to go to the hospital, and suggested that I would have interventions, leading to a potential c-section (not what a laboring mom wants to hear). Mark and I talked and felt that we had no other choice, but to find another hospital to birth at (at 5am no less). This thought hadn't crossed my mind at all. I was supposed to have this wonderful water birth, with supportive midwives by my side, at the birth center that i'd toured and had Gavin at. The only hospitals that I could even think of were Fairview Riverside (where i'd previously worked), and Maple Grove Hospital, where a friend had recently delivered. Maple Grove seemed too far and Riverside didn't seem overly desirable. I then remembered that my sister had her girls at Fairview Southdale (which I later learned has a high c-section rate and bad birth place reviews). 

Mark got on the phone with the hospital before we left to make sure we wouldn't be turned away from another hospital. "Can we come have a baby there?" he asked. Hehe. We headed to Fairview Southdale around 5-something in the morning. Fairview doesn't have waterbirth tubs, had none of my information and my midwife that I was so excited to have, didn't birth anywhere but Abbott. So much for a birth plan. 
Thankfully, my two wonderful doulas met us there after I had been admitted. (I was indeed in labor, regardless of what my midwife thought). With great support from my doulas and my husband, we welcomed Hudson Christian Pound into our family at 12:28pm. (Abbott didn't end up having openings until we wouldn't have been able to make it there regardless.) Labor was very smooth and besides the doctor suggesting no less than 5 times to break my water and start pitocin, everything went well (and she didn't get her wish to speed up my delivery). I do remember asking her if she had somewhere to be, since she was rushing us along. I think that threw her off enough to just go with the flow. Our parents showed up right before his arrival and were able to come see us an hour or so after delivery.

While plans changed drastically, I was able to have a birth that I wasn't dissapointed with. It wasn't what I was expecting, but the doulas helped be my voice to the rest of the medical team and they were as hands off as they could be. Oddly enough, I didn't have my midwife with Gavin either...instead I had an on call doctor from the same clinic. It goes to show, no matter how much you plan, not much is actually in your control. 

Gavin came to the hospital the next day to meet his brother. The visit didn't go well at all, but he's since come around and accepted that his brother is here to stay. He's been great about giving him his pacifier, "helping" with diaper changes and rocking him if we're busy. He's also taken to sharing his toys, which results in Hudson being buried underneath Gavin's trucks. We can't leave them alone in the same room yet, but maybe in another year or so. 
38-ish weeks

I love these pictures ...we have a similar one from Gavin's birthday

Heading up to our room


Hudson 6lb 13oz, 19inches (no hat), Gavin 6lb 9oz, 19 inches (hat)

Our great nurses

Since day 1, the only way he'll sleep is with me

Baby burrito hearing test

The hospital gave us a birthday cake for Hudson!

Gavin opening his big brother gifts from Hudson

Baby's first bath at home

Thank you to everyone who helped and continues to help make this a smooth transition!!

~The Pounds

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas and New Years- Toddler Style

As much as I enjoy the holidays, they sometimes seem to be more stressful than anything. This year we had a pretty relaxing holiday. On the 23rd, we got to visit with family from Oklahoma. We went out to eat, which was perfect. The 24th, we spent a short amount of time with Grandma T (who makes people work on Christmas Eve!?), and then headed off to my uncles place for late night of partying. On the 25th, we were up bright and early to go to Grandma and Grandpa Pound's house. We had Christmas breakfast and spent the day just relaxing. Gavin even got to have a sleepover with them, which he loved. 

New Years Eve was just spent relaxing at home with take-out. We watched a movie and conked out around 10:30pm. We really know how to get a party started. Both M and I have taken a lot of vacation (we try to save enough to take off the two weeks of Christmas/New Years), which means that we'll both be back to work tomorrow. I'm looking forward to some change of scenery for the last few days/weeks of my pregnancy! Work always makes things go faster. 

On the 5th or so take, we finally got a semi-decent picture!

Tref family Christmas!

No nap meant chaos during gift time! Made for fast opening- all of the kids wanted to help!

Line up for treats from Daddy/Uncle Mark!

Love these two!

Christmas Day with the Pounds

All man here- both of them (yes, that's a ladies sweater, he wears it proudly)

Baby Pound even got gifts!

Boots with the furrr

Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jake

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris

Proudly rocking the ridic sweaters

Santa even visited!