Thursday, April 3, 2014


I am sitting here with two and a half month old Hudson smushed up on my chest sleeping. I have nature sounds playing in the background, to relax him to stay sleeping. He is a very soft sleeper and is woken up from even Trooper's nails tapping on the hardwood floor.

After you have one baby, you think you've got it down and really, you've done it all once, how different could it be? Hudson is a very different baby, from Gavin.
  • Very light sleeper
  • Cries at every stop you make in the car, and hushes once you start driving again
  • Mama's boy. Will tolerate others holding him in certain positions and when i'm gone. Once he hears/smells me, it's game on until he's back in my arms
  • Sleeps best when he's close to me (aka, touching me)
  • Prefers sleeping on his side
  • Prefers taking baths with his body fully submerged in the water
  • Won't take a bottle from me or take one if he can hear me
  • Prefers to sleep swaddled
  • Likes to suck to go to sleep-paci baby when tired
  • LOVES being carried in a wrap- won't hangout any other way without crying
  • Deep sleeper
  • Tummy sleeper
  • Never slept in our bed- took to a crib right away
  • Took bottles without an issue
  • Liked to be held by anyone
  • No paci
  • Could stay in his car seat all day if we had let him
  • Loved to see what was going on, in the stroller- didn't love being in a wrap
I feel like we're learning to parent all over again with Hudson. Gavin has warmed up to Hudson and now likes to "talk" with him. He tells us that Hudson says, "I'm thankful for you, Gavin." I'm sure that's what he's thinking as Gavin runs him over with his trucks :) It is sweet to see Gavin become the protector of Hudson and always referring to him as, "Baby Hudson," and not wanting anyone else to touch him.

I will be back to work mid-May, which i'm looking forward to, but will miss my time with Hudson. I'm enjoying the one on one time with him and soaking up all of the baby goodness because before I know it, he'll be two like Gavin and be telling me to "go away," and that he wants to be alone. 

Love our boys! I can't imagine life without them.

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