Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas and New Years- Toddler Style

As much as I enjoy the holidays, they sometimes seem to be more stressful than anything. This year we had a pretty relaxing holiday. On the 23rd, we got to visit with family from Oklahoma. We went out to eat, which was perfect. The 24th, we spent a short amount of time with Grandma T (who makes people work on Christmas Eve!?), and then headed off to my uncles place for late night of partying. On the 25th, we were up bright and early to go to Grandma and Grandpa Pound's house. We had Christmas breakfast and spent the day just relaxing. Gavin even got to have a sleepover with them, which he loved. 

New Years Eve was just spent relaxing at home with take-out. We watched a movie and conked out around 10:30pm. We really know how to get a party started. Both M and I have taken a lot of vacation (we try to save enough to take off the two weeks of Christmas/New Years), which means that we'll both be back to work tomorrow. I'm looking forward to some change of scenery for the last few days/weeks of my pregnancy! Work always makes things go faster. 

On the 5th or so take, we finally got a semi-decent picture!

Tref family Christmas!

No nap meant chaos during gift time! Made for fast opening- all of the kids wanted to help!

Line up for treats from Daddy/Uncle Mark!

Love these two!

Christmas Day with the Pounds

All man here- both of them (yes, that's a ladies sweater, he wears it proudly)

Baby Pound even got gifts!

Boots with the furrr

Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jake

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris

Proudly rocking the ridic sweaters

Santa even visited!

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