Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ladies and Gents

Tomorrow is Marks big day, don't forget to send him a big, fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

He's already gotten a couple and been very surprised and thankful. He'll catch on soon that I was behind this.

The e-mail address is in the post before this one. He will love hearing from everyone!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marks B-day- Read this!

Hello everyone,

I have a task for you. Since I know more than 3 people read this...I have a little to-do for everyone.

Mark's birthday is Feb 26th- he'll be the big 25, a whole quarter of a century...scary.

Anyways, shoot him an e-mail between now and his bday, or after too i'm sure he'll still appreciate it. His e-mail is,

I know he will really appreciate hearing from everyone, and it only takes a couple of seconds to send one out. He is spending his day the desert- not ideal, but hopefully we can send him some love via e-mail.

If you want to send him a bday card, his address is...

SGT Mark Pound
114th Trans. 5th Platoon
F.O.B. Leatherneck
FPO AP 09372

It takes ~10 days for mail to arrive, but even if it's late, he likes getting mail.

Even if you don't know him very well, but know me, his family or my family, you will make his day :)

thanks in advance guys!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Straight to the point

  • Mark said yesterday that during the past couple days it has been raining. As of yesterday they had bad downpours and all the ditches are flooded.
  • I've gotten to talk to him via e-mail about 6 our of 7 days, which is very nice...and he calls when I ask nicely :). He has been calling from other peoples cell phones (they bought special phones that work over there), as they had their phone taken away and it's hard to get on the public phone (long lines and such)....or he calls from Skype.
  • His e-mail today said, "It is super cold out right now, with windchill it is like 25 degrees out and walking a mile in that sucks. My ears are freezing and it is hard to type because my fingers are cold. " Poor guy! I highly doubt they have heated buildings, especially in a desert.
  • They got all of the packages, as said before...and loved them...they said that it definitely boosts their spirits just to get something. Their favorite was all the food, as usual :)
  • Trooper is.....a puppy. He is adorable....when he's sleeping. Naw, he's cute most of the time when he's not finding new things to chew on. He's recently learned how to fetch, he sits, shakes, and lays down when told. We're trying to get over the stick eating...last week he ate a bush worth of sticks and that was an unpleasant outcome.
  • Today we went to the dog park and he had a ball. It was "small dog hours," and I thought Trooper was going to eat the little ones. I brought him in and it was the exact opposite. Those little dogs are used to defending themselves, so they put Trooper in his spot. He was being chased by the teeniest little cute. I've been taking him on walks everyday so he can get a little energy out, as well as taking him to a friends during the week for puppy play dates- he loves it.
  • The picture to the right is of Trooper sleeping and still standing. He wanted so badly to get on the recliner, but we wouldn't let him. He played hard that day and was he wen't as far up as we would let him and took a nap. Haha.
  • In other news....less than 4 months until he's back, and less than a month until we move! Woop Woop! (Trooper told me he is excited to run laps around a fenced backyard instead of a living room).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Videos of Marks unit

Hello hello....

I came across two videos of Marks unit. I have only watched a couple of seconds of these since I haven't had time, but i'll post them here for you guys!

Sorry for being bad with updating. I finally have things to update with, but no time. I'll be back in the next couple of days with a Mark and Trooper update!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, Mark received all of the packages. One day he got 7, the next day 47. He was very happy to get them and said all the other soldiers were too. I'm sure he'll send me pictures if he can and let me know what they liked!

I'll be back with more info as I get it. Just wanted to let everyone know that they got them and were very appreciative!