Thursday, July 26, 2012

the big 10!

Big boy is ten months old next week. He seems to have developed and grown a ton this month. 

This month firsts
           - boat ride
           - wearing size 4 diapers

           - moving into 12-18 month clothes
           - Three teeth (finally)

           - hair cut- he was beginning to look shaggier than Trooper
           - walking while holding your hands
           - climbing and "cruising" while standing
           - waving bye bye

           - giving kisses
           - sippy cups
           - saying "dada" or "mom" (although we're 99.9% sure he doesn't know what "mom" means)

           - new finger foods:
                  green beans

                  blueberry muffin
                  yogurt (that one didn't go well!)

                  freeze dried yogurt drops


                  mac and cheese

His loves :
            - bath time/ pool time
            - holding his own bottle

            - baby Einstein videos
            - Stroller rides
            - Play dates with friends
            - seeing "mama" and "dada" after a day away

            - hair brushes (for chewing of course)

His dislikes
            - being woken up (takes after his mother)
            - diaper changes
            - going to the doctor
            - getting dressed

This week we went up north on vacation with the Trefethren family. It was a blast and super relaxing. Mark wasn't able to join the family until the end of the week, but we made the most of our time with him too. We learned very quickly that Gavin needs his beauty sleep and takes quite a while to wake up. We also learned that he needs his own space. As fun as it was, none of us slept because he knew we were in "his" room. All of the kids fueled each other and by the end of the day we were all exhausted. They all learned a ton from each other and we can't wait to vacation with the cousins again!

 In the pool with the girls and Uncle Scottie

Ellie picking on Gav
 Enjoying his first boat ride...clearly

 Give the boy a shovel, he will dig

Eating breakfast with my cousin.

Until next time, 
     The Pounds

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who and Why

We're mostly just doing this for ourselves to be able to look back on and out of town family to wants the 411, but anyone is welcome to tag along. I have a few friends who have created a blog for out of town family to read and having a little blog envy has encouraged me to start this one back up. It was used previously as Mark's deployment blog which we have had fun looking back at, but since a few things have happened since then we have much more to talk about. 

Mark got back from his deployment June of 2010, got all settled into our cozy little house and got to know Trooper, our chocolate lab for a while. We're clearly people persons (I can't say people, people, right?) so decided to expand the Pound clan and what was once two Pounds, is now three. Gavin Elliot joined us on Oct 1st, 2011. It was the best decision we've ever made. He's amazing. It's taken Trooper a while to warm up to him and now he can at least tolerate Gavin, which is a plus. He keeps us on our toes and teaches us something new everyday. There have been minimal frustrating days and mostly good days (i'm not just saying that, he's been a great baby- we're doomed come baby #2).

Bye bye feet!
                                                  A basket full of perfection- 10 days old
                                                                    8 months old
Until next time...

The Pounds