Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leavin' on an airplane...

We've spent the weekend in North Carolina for my brother and his fiance's bridal shower and pre-wedding celebrations. It's a great state! Reminds me a lot of MN, with a few Waffle Houses thrown in (love them!). I could see myself living in the south. We're not in hurricane Sandy's path, which is nice, but I think our flight out will be a bit bumpy with all of the winds.

Gavin was great on the plane ride here. I was overwhelmed with anxiety that he was going to scream bloody murder the whole way and I'd have to wrestle him while he kicked the chair in front of him. He did kick the chair in front of him, but thankfully the chick was bent over sideways, sleeping. We got the bottle in him right when we're taking off and he fussed a little bit up in the air (he's not a lap baby), but otherwise we watched baby Einstein and just napped! Our flight out was at 5:15am (have I ever mentioned I'm not a morning person, and Gavin doesn't fall far from the tree either).

Tired little family

Grandma paparazzi

bye bye Gavin!

 Gavin's first Waffle House experience

Vanessa's shower!

Cute little Pierre

All of the shower ladies

Heading out for the evening

Day at the Discovery Place

Laying on a bed of nails

They had a great toddler play area

Checking out the Iguana 


Saying bye bye to Adam and Vanessa

This has been our weekend crammed in a hotel room :)

~The Pounds

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Smiles, Cupcakes, Caterpillars and One year olds!

Love is...our family, our friends, our neighbors, our home, our baby, each other. Shall I go on?

Today, love was Gavin. We threw a little birthday bash for him. We kept it small, since it was at our house, but it was perfect. We did miss a lot of our friends though, and my brother and his fiance who couldn't make it.

What is Gavin up to these days? I love seeing his personality bloom. He's such a goofy little boy. He loves it when you "chase" him. I use that world lightly since he's pretty easy to catch, but he likes you to give him a head start. He also loves hats. It's ridiculously cute. The other day he walked to his diaper bag, took out his baseball cap and tried endlessly to put it on his head (without success). I helped him get it on and he proudly sported it around for the next hour.

He's still a full time job and into everything. He's also fairly predictable and we know his trigger spots (the dog bowl). Speaking of which, he had his first kibble of dog food this weekend. Proud parent moment-ugh. It was bound to happen sooner or later I guess?

He has somehow become taller and leaner overnight. I knew that when he started walking, he'd slim down, but it seems to have happened all at once. He's almost completely out of size 12 month clothes, and all in size  18 month. Our little sprout!

(Click on the pictures to see them bigger)

 Welcome committee, as usual

 Gpa and our attempt at a balloon caterpillar

 My Amish made rocking horse from Gramma T

                                                                      My bff Sarah!

Typical Trooper (aka, Willow's "bear")

"You forget food on my tray, I will be sure to stuff it in my mouth before you can get it."

 Spaghetti mouthed beauty

"Gavin, I have experience with this beast, let me show you how it's done."

Play cell phone! He hasn't put it down all night.

 Backpack from Gramma P. Perfect for our upcoming trip!

 Auntie Sarah and uncle Chris

He sure didn't get his love of books from mom!

Gavin's heart is mainly taken up by love for these two! 

Thanks Auntie Heidi and Uncle Jake!

The twins make their appearance

Willow on the run

Anything that resembles a bug, may have a short stay in our house ;)

New bath toys!

"Don't mind me..."

More books!!

Caterpillar cupcake train

 In an effort to be a "normal" parent, I let him have a cup cake. Life will go on, but I still cringed a little while he ate it. And i'm sure to spite me, he polished off the entire thing. Thanks Gav...

"Umm...where is mine?" 

Yes, this happened...

Books books books. 

It's about 8pm now and Mark is reading  singing Gavin his bed time book.
"Tractor, tractor, bo bactor, fe fi fo factor, traaaactor."

~The Pound People