Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Break

Other parents would agree, staying home with a toddler all day is not an option. In the winter, options are obviously limited, but we've been finding new and fun things to do this last week! 

Our outings have included, 
-Sky Zone, Toddler Trampoline Time
- Rosedale Mall
- Barnes and Noble
- Eagles Nest indoor playground
- Day at Spirit Mountain, skiing (without kiddo) 

Foam pit at Sky Zone

Dawn, Willow, Gavin and I at the trampoline park

Opening his very first workbench!

Playing with Noah's Ark

Day of skiing at Spirit Mountain!

Lego table at Barnes and Noble

Tree fort at Eagles Nest

Busy days!

Hope everyone else is having a great break too!

Monday, December 3, 2012

A night with the elves

Tonight we went to see "A day in the life of an elf," at Macy's.  I'm never amused when I leave. It's is a very small display and for the effort it takes to wrangle a tot to get there...whatever i'm going to see better be worth it! Tonight it took 5 minutes to walk through and we were done, but I have to admit, if you haven't been there...go once at least (on a week night). The important part is that Gavin liked it. He even got to write a letter to Santa :)

On our way!

Let. Me. Out!

Busy writing Santa a letter

Oh hey, a Christmas picture!

Thanks for smiling, short stack

...what Gavin thought of pictures

Bye bye

Saturday, December 1, 2012

14 Months and Giving Thanks

Today, Gavin is 14 months and the girls are 18 months. In the first picture, Gavin is 6 days old and the girls, 4 months. The three peas are growing up so fast!

He has well over-passed the girls in weight and appetite. The girls are so chatty and love singing, while Gavin is happy being on the go and running circles around the girls. He is in 18 and 24 month clothes. His waist is close to 24 mo, while his legs are about a 12-18 month length. Dilemma! He is also eating anything and everything. His breakfast with Grandma earlier this week was 2 eggs, 2 oatmeal pancakes and a half piece of toast with milk. Sharing my meals out with him is getting harder and harder.

We had my sister and her family, my Mom and Bruce over tonight. It was a full house with lots of laughs and food. I made homemade meat and vegetable lasagna (my fave food!), which turned out well. It was fun to have everyone over.

Girls only

Bruce and Scottie finishing up

Hi Ellie!

Leona, coming through. This tunnel was the hit tonight with all three kids going in at once.

Gavin was not in the mood

Mom and Bruce

Katie and Scottie

Center of attention

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!