Saturday, January 26, 2013

Month 16

Can January be over yet? We've all been sick most of the month and are ready for a streak of healthy days.
Gavin had a bough of scary breathing that ended him up on Prednisone for 10 days and nebulizers every 4 hours + an additional breathing med. Mark had influenza for 9 days, starting on the first day of his new job. I had a surprise stomach flu (that Mark now has) that came out of no where this past weekend, on top of a sinus infection and Gavin has a cold again. I'm tempted to build a bubble around my house and not leave for a long time. They say that if your kid doesn't get sick when they are babies, they will get it when they get to kindergarten. Ugh.

In other news, Gavin is almost 16 months. We're a few days early, but close enough.

This ball maze is his new favorite toy. The cups stack on top of one another (and he knows the order!), he drops the balls in, laughs as they fall and does it all over again. I love how (rarely) easily entertained they are.

He is 30 inches long and 25lbs...he's stopped gaining weight since running everywhere he goes. He is in the 10th percentile for height and 40th for weight

Here is Gavin on his second day of life! I came across a picture of him on my mom's phone and didn't even recognize my own child! He doesn't look like his newborn self at all anymore. He was 6lb 9oz and 19in long at birth.

Sleep has been hard to come by around the Pound house lately. Between the dog and Gavin, no one has been sleeping. Mark said it best..."we get a few long naps per night." I think Gavin would sleep fine if a.) he were healthy and b) the dang dog didn't have to poo at 2am every night. Trooper tap dances all over the house to get us to wake up, and in turn wakes the baby up. He is still sleeping 10-12 hours at night and a 2-4 hour nap in the middle of the day.

Gavin is all about adult cups and water bottles to drink out of. He wants to do what we are doing, so the highchair isn't used often anymore. He's frequently at the table with us, using adult silverware, eating what we are and drinking out of our cups (no wonder we're all sick!)

He's gotten one additional tooth since last month, putting him at 7 teeth (although he doesn't let us check often, so it may be more). We've also started a routine of brushing them at night. He's gotten a lot more independent this month and and wants to try new things. A few of his new favorites are taking sled rides around the living room (not enough snow outside), dancing and playing tickle war. He has also started to "check our diaper." At first I could not figure out why he kept trying to open our pants in back and then realized he was mimicking what we do to him. 
This month we went out for breakfast with friends Noelle and Willow, a wedding shower for my brother and future SIL, ran around with his cousins Ellie and Leona and Jr. and a few friend dates with his friend Liam. We hope we'll have more friend dates next month!

Not many new words this month...still has a language all his own. He still completely understands what we ask of him when we ask for a bite of his cracker, to go get his milk, or saying open/close and hot, don't touch. I guess Mark didn't start talking until he was 2, so sounds like someone might be just like dad! 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Months

Great weather for sled rides

Second time in the snow!

Trooper and Gavin play with playdough

...or just eat it.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

15 months going on 5 years

Big boy turned 15 months on the first. He's a little tornado and we love him. 

Still wearing 18-24 month clothes
Still only 6 teeth (hasn't gotten any new ones for several months)

Still taking one long three hour nap per day and sleeping 12 hours at night

Loves to eat teddy grahams, cheese, crackers, yogurt, bread, smoothies, sweet potato, hamburger and eggs

Has his complete own language with few recognizable words aside from Mama, Dada, all done, and ball.
He knows much of what we tell or ask of him, but just responds in his own language then goes and does what we ask (most of the time). A common word of his is "duka-duka," and we have yet to figure out what it means. 

Loves balls, the puppy, cars, boxes, laundry baskets, bouncy toys, puzzles, blocks, stacking, trains, Baby Einstein, The Wheels on the Bus, forts, tunnels, baths, walks, reading, pointing to anything and everything, fake crying, and being chased.

Dislikes having his face wiped or touched, sitting still for any amount of time (even in our lap), going to sleep, pears, peas, and being out of sight of mom and dad. 

Hopefully this next month brings a few new words and a new tooth or two!