Saturday, February 23, 2013


Our boy is creeping up on 17 months this next week. He seems like a completely different boy compared to last month.

He went from 6 teeth to 11 in one month, including 4 molars! He seems to understand most of what we ask of him, and still doesn't say too much since we know what he wants most of the time. A few new words are hot (hawwt), please (peas), dog, and papa aka grandpa.

We recently bought him a potty (only because it was on clearance) and he has started sitting on it, fully clothed. We're no where near potty training, but starting to introduce him to his spot.

We had a few play dates this month. A pancake date at our house, and visits to Eagles Nest, Rosedale, slumber party and the Community Center indoor play maze (picture above and below).

 Breakfast with friends

Playtime with Noelle

Playtime with Liam

His personality shows more and more each month. He has always loved hats, is obsessed with trucks, loves animals and his friends. Also loves greeting strangers, seeing grandparents, his cousins, and talking in his gibberish language. He goes to mom when he's upset, tired or wanting to relax and goes to dad when he is ready to play and run around. He is learning that Trooper is bothersome and is often doing a "talk to the hand" motion to try to get him away. No luck yet. 

Today we took a hike on a trail nearby. Trooper ran the trail while Gavin was plowing through the snow, riding in his jogging stroller.  We cannot wait for the summer heat, swimming, biking, walks, runs and everything outside. It's only a few short months away, thankfully!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb Pancake Date

In an effort to get out of the house and entertain the child, we've been having breakfasts together often. This weekend, Gavin hosted his first pancake date at his house.

"Table for one please"- Noelle


"Hi, mom!"

Catching up

Love seat 

Checking out the snow

Collecting shoes

It's so fun to have kids so close in age! We get to catch up and the kids mostly entertain themselves.