Sunday, March 24, 2013


We have a one and a half year old! Gavin seems like a completely different person from last month. He now talks on his own as well as repeating us what we ask him to. Common words we've heard this month are, car, cheese truck, ball, grandma, bus, monkey, elephant (seriously, and still not MOM!?).

He loves reading and will read and point at everything car/truck and animal. He points at his book and exclaims, "uh!!" and expects you to tell him what it is he is pointing at. This can last for half an hour. He's a little sponge, soaking it all in.

Having puffy pancakes for breakfast. He insists on doing things that we do all the time. He eats with adult forks and spoons most of the time, eats off of glass dishes at times, sits on his potty when we're in the bathroom, lays on our pillows when we lay down, etc. 

Trooper hiding upstairs, away from the vacuum...for once, not terrorizing Gavin.

"Do I have something on my face?" We're desperately trying to find new things that Gavin will eat so that he won't be only eating peanut butter, eggs, cheese and bread until he's 10. He sure does love his carbs though! He's a whopping 26.5 lbs (with clothes). He is now weighed on a scale standing up like an adult. 

Front row seat for Baby Einstein. We've been limiting the time that the TV is on in the background with Gavin around. We don't want him growing up with the TV on all of time, especially since we've noticed that he's been watching it a lot more. Instead we have dance parties, and listen to music all night long.

Um, Gavin, there is a little something on your eye lash. 

First experience with Quinoa and ate it up! We also had success with red peppers and water chestnuts. 

His favorite activities are playing, climbing, dancing (the wheels on the bus, row row row your boat, anything Zumba and "If your happy and you know it") and playing with friends. I love seeing his expression when he gets to be with other kids. I can't wait for him to move to a new daycare this September and be with older kids. 

Easter egg coloring this weekend

Next year should be more successful, once we understand patience a little better.

Finished product!

This last month included several doctor visits and one hospital visit. I'm hoping spring brings a healthier time of year! We've already been to the hospital twice in his short life and am on a first name basis with many doctors. 

Happy year and a half little man!