Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We're at a point where the months are starting to blend together. The milestones, doctors visits and life-changing events are spreading out, and we are enjoying the moments together.

He lifts his hands up to you, points to the ceiling and wants to be lifted up. He loves to touch the ceiling (we'll thank dad for teaching him that).


Gavin is still a crazy, lovable little guy. He's extremely happy most of the time, whiny when he wants to test us (often, lately), and can tell us what he wants/needs. He has the imagination and energy of a little boy, that is for sure. We love watching him play by himself, talk to himself and read to himself. 

Peeking at mom from under the door.

As "boy-like" as Gavin is, he's also cautious. He has always seemed to know when to be aware of something, or when he's doing something he shouldn't. Many times, he hands  us the tiniest shred of something that he found on the floor. He's always so proud of himself for finding it, too. He will also not down steps, unless we're in his sight (although i'm not going to test him, so we're always nearby).

Playing with Ellie and Leona

"Singing" into the microphone

Lunch with the ladies

We're still working on table manners....

Gavin has spent this month in test mode. He constantly tests us to (a) see if we're watching (b) see if we react  (c) just for fun  (d) find the fastest way to give mom a heart attack.
A few examples of this...not watching Gavin for 15 seconds (not exaggerating!) and to find him in the backyard with the dog, standing in several inches of snow, in his socks! He has mastered using the dog door by wiggling his way out. He also will scale furniture and stools (gah!) and grab things off the counter and stove (when it's not on, thankfully!).  Having a dog and a little boy has got to be as bad as having two children. The two of them "fight" a ridiculous amount and come to me to complain about the other. Trooper is constantly hiding Gavin's toys and Gavin will come over to me, whine and point at Trooper and then walk around and collect his bones to hide. It's constant.

Gavin has also mastered the stink-eye (see above) this month and gives it to anyone who will look in his general direction. While it's funny, it's also embarrassing because it's so not him! He definitely know's how to get attention! 

This months check-up resulted in a few more shots that he didn't get at his 15 month appt, delaying a few more and rounding the scales off at 27lbs and 33in. He is in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height. Growing perfectly!

Until next month...