Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jellystone- WI

The Pounds spent the weekend with Dawn, Diana, Joey, Willow and Noelle at Jellystone Park in WI. We spent the nights in the worlds smallest mobile home, essentially sleeping in closet sized rooms. Thankfully the weather was wonderful and we were able to enjoy being outside most of the time!!

Booster seat improv

Bedtime cartoons

One peaceful moment of few where all three two year olds are getting along.

Ring-around-the-rosie. A big hit this weekend.

Jellystone waterpark

Checking out the man-made lake

Busy girl

Two spuds in a tub

Yogurt break

Milk break

Bonfire with s'mores!

"Marker, help me climb the pish (fish)"

Bedtime reading

Bath time gone very wrong

Another precious moment

We had a great time, considering three emotional toddlers, a hormonal pregnant mama, and living on top of each other for 4 days. Ready to do it again! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Family of four

Life has been so busy lately!

Exciting things that have happened...

  • My brother got married this May
    • Mark and I flew to Georgia to spent the weekend celebrating the Trefethrens! It was nice to be kiddo free for a few days. 
  • Elliana and Leona turned two
    • Katie and Scottie had a luau style party with a boil and other good snacks! It was a hot day out but the kids didn't see to mind at all!
  • Mark graduated
    • After 7 years in college and the Army, Mark was finally able to finish his Business degree. He worked hard for that degree! 
  • Gavin get's to be a big brother
    • We're adding another Pound to the craziness! Many have asked if Gavin knows, and no he doesn't. Until I get a big belly, we probably won't tell him, he doesn't quite grasp the concept yet. Heck, it may not even be until after baby is here and home that he understands he/she isn't going anywhere. 
  • Gavin is now 21 months and still the same active little boy he always has been. Toddlerhood is in full swing and making any outings that require sitting seem less and less possible. Today we went to the pool this morning, but since chaos is welcome, that worked out well. We later went to Mall of America and Ikea, which was less that smooth. He is guaranteed about 10 minutes in the stroller before the tantrums kick in. We thought he'd have fun eating at Rainforest Cafe and while he enjoyed the scenery, he didn't want to sit for two seconds so like we normally do, one of us ate and the other walked around with Gavin to keep him entertained. 
Sibs in Georgia

Adam and Vanessa Trefethren!

Happy Birthday girls!

Breaking for a snack

Congrats Mark!!


Left: Baby Gavin 10 weeks
Right: Baby P #2 12 weeks

Happy Summer friends!

~The Pounds