Sunday, September 22, 2013

How old are you, Gavin?

"Twooooo" *holds up all five fingers*

Gavin is a little spitfire. He's a ball of energy and since really learning how to express himself in words recently, he's a non-stop chatterbox.

The most recent concern is repeating what we say...although we don't say anything too bad, or swear...and it is often pretty funny.

"Gavin, did you toot?"
"I toot"

Many (almost ALL) of our conversations revolve around trucks or poop. Typical boy, right? Even when he hasn't pooped, he talks about it.

"I poop, mama poop, dada poop!"
This is great, especially when we're in public.

He see's dirt, and it must be poop. Ahh boys. He also loves sitting on his potty. He has yet to actually GO on it, but loves doing what we do, unrolling the toilet paper, pretending to wipe and putting it in his potty. He will happily sit for up to an hour doing this and having us read books to him. A perfect way to spend an evening, right?

He can now differentiate between an excavator, bulldozer, dump truck, garbage truck, tractor, bicycle, motorcycle, front loader, crane, "BIG TRUTS,"  etc. He's obsessed to put it lightly. In one car ride home the other day, he said "trut" at least 75 times. Mark and I gave up counting. He owns every possible vehicle, in toy size, and always wants a new one. I stopped buying them, since they consume our house.

As far as food goes, i'm still at a loss of what his favorite foods are. We don't give him too much junk but do allow the occasional frozen yogurt, DQ run, or oatmeal cookie...all shared of course! He refuses to sit in his highchair anymore and instead wants to sit at the big table with us, where his chin barely reaches over the table top. We are now picking rice or noodles out of the carpet, Troopers head and little crevices it shows up in.

He has recently started a new daycare that he goes to 4 days a week and he has not only picked up a whole new vocabulary, but a huge confidence boost. He tries to rule the roost at home and that only gets him so far, but he is definitely in a stage of testing boundaries. Most things we tell him not to do, he will do, just because we said not to....such as run into the street. Oy. He's got the same energy as his dad did growing up. His grandparents laugh about it. I'm sure the conversation one day went, "I hope you have a kid, JUST like you."

Naps are still daily, but have shortened down to 1.5-2.5 hrs, and he has pushed bed time back to 8-8:30pm. He's growing up fast and doesn't forget to let us know. He's moved to a toddler bed and will be moved again to a twin bed in a few months to make room for the baby! He doesn't fight growing up, but always reminds us that he's only two by snuggling, falling asleep in our arms and holding our hands often.

He still has an intense love for his grandparents. If either grandma or grandpa comes over, mom and dad don't exist. It's a nice little break and fun for them! He's a spoiled boy, being the only grandson on both sides. Our evening and weekends are almost always spent out of the house. He is anything but a homebody. We frequent the parks (any and all), the pool, take swim lessons, go to the Children's Museum, on walks, to lakes, indoor jungle gyms, etc. It's fun to be a kid again with him. Hopefully he slows down just a little bit when his baby brother comes in Jan!

Gavin will spend his second birthday with some of his closest toddler friends, at an indoor gymnastics center where they learn tumbling, sing songs and dance. We can't wait to celebrate with his little friends!

Gavin has blessed us over and over again. I can't imagine life without him...and honestly hardly remember it any other way. I can't believe it's already been two years and by three, he will have a brother to grow up with!

Love you, Gavin Elliot! Happy 2nd birthday buddy!

One day old, Oct 1st, 2011

One year old, Oct 1st, 2012

Almost two!