Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give Thanks

It's hard for me to write down all of the things our family is thankful for. Where do we even start? Our days revolve around family so we'll start there.

Today we spent the day with the Trefethren/Lein group. We have started switching off holidays since it is too much work dragging everyone from house to house and by the time we're home, we don't feel like we've spent enough time with anyone. We drove out to Katie and Scottie's house with the dog in tow and everyone had a great time.

Grandma Cinny always has something new for me to play with!

The kids table. Gavin likes playing "drums" on his plate, so he got stuck with plastic.

Cooking up a storm

Politics, cars, life...

The three amigos

The Lein Clan.
 Gavin's adoptive grandparents. You can never have too many, right?

om nom nom ('a' for effort on the veggies Mark :) )


You smile like that,'s getting posted

He had more fun re-arranging the crayon box than actually coloring

I've oddly gone from 20-something to old lady really fast. I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving; or even wake up to an alarm on Black Friday, don't get a paper to check the deals, didn't watch a flick of TV today (I just read a stat that families spend 14 hours on Thanksgiving watching TV...what?!) and enjoyed hours of my evening putting together a puzzle...that's about as old lady as they come but I love it! I did get to enjoy a teenie weenie mimosa today though. Win!
While there are always things to complain about (lack of sleep, heartburn that could kill a dragon, etc)...we have way more to be thankful for. We can't wait until next Thanksgiving where we get to spend it with TWO little boys and the Pound family!