Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching up on life

These past couple weeks have flown by.

Mark and I have been so busy, but it's been good busy. My sister just got married this weekend, which turned out perfectly, as expected. Mark and I were talking about the upcoming week, and realized that we have everyday booked.
We're both kind of home-bodies, so that is not a good thing. Between work and plans every night, this girl is pooped! Is it wrong that we already can't wait for next weekend, and this one is barely finished?

We don't have much planned for the 4th, excpet the whole celebration of independence know how that goes. We're planning on going to the lake, taking it easy and maybe...only maybe, cleaning the house. The poor house hasn't cleaned itself yet, but we thought maybe if we leave it long enough, it might. Doesn't work that way I guess.

We still have to post Mark's pictures from Afghanistan, which will happen soon. As soon as we can make it happen. My laptop has taken a turn for the worse...and I'm clearly the keeper of the blog (hehe) i've got to figure out how to make the uploading happen without a laptop. I'm too impatient to sit at a desktop computer. I have to be doing 5 things at once to be functioning, so only when I have the laptop, can I make that happen.

So the entire point of this post is to tell you that we didn't forget about everyone, and are just coming to confess our business/laziness.

Later Gators.

H & M & T-dog

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Honey, i'm home!'s good to be home. The whole homecoming took a long time, but went really fast once we got back . We flew from Camp Leatherneck- left two days late, to Kyrgyzstan- spent two days, to Romania- spent a day, to Maine, then Wisconsin, and finally to Minnesota.

Just as we passed the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, we were met by some Freedom riders and police escorts. I expected my family to meet me at the armory, but was really surprised to see my neighbors out to welcome me, and see our house all decorated. It was a nice surprise. Sounds like we have really good neighbors. They also welcomed us with a gift basket. It's nice to finally see my family again, see the house as "ours" (I saw it once before we bought it), and meet Trooper the terror (ok, he's not that bad). He only acts up when Heather gets home. It's nice for her though, because when she gets home, he's already kind of warn out. The first two nights home were tough for him, he didn't get much attention, therefore we didn't get much sleep.

Just want to say thank you to everyone who supported Heather and I and my unit with prayers, care packages, letters, cards.
Pictures below are of the homecoming...we will put up more pictures from the second half of my deployment next time. It's finally good to be home!

Neighbors decorating our house

This was the night before I was home, in addition to this, there was a "red" carpet, that the neighborhood kids decorated.

Heather and I

Flag hanging over the street from where our bus turned to the armory

What can I say, we're kind of popular

Here we come!

More veterans

neighbors gift basket
A warm welcome to the neighborhood

Ok, so Heathers making me post this. I don't like broccoli, and she made me eat it.
Cindy and I, Heather's mom.
The Pound clan
Heather's boss got us tickets to the Twins game the night after I got back.

Thanks again for everything!


Monday, June 7, 2010

It's official

Ok, so it's still Mark yet, but...

Mr. Pound will be home this Wednesday! Woo Hoo!

Just thought everyone might want an update :)


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Remember being 5-10 years old and going to Disney World?

The night before your going to get on a plane to Disney World, you can't sleep, sleep in your clothes because you already want it to be tomorrow....that's the degree of excitement over here.

Mark should be back in the states tomorrow. He will be in Wisconsin for a couple of days and hopefully getting lots of hugs around June 10th. He has spent the last couple of days in Kyrgyzstan.

Hopefully the next time you read the blog, it will be Mark writing it :)