Sunday, August 26, 2012


Is it possible for the "terrible 2's" to start early? Oy. I guess i'd say Gavin is more of an extrovert than terrible. This weekend though however, we've had more meltdowns than we've seen in him. He's such a happy boy and loves everyone, but is a tornado when we're home. There are no moments of "stillness" while we're home....ever. In a matter of 5 minutes today, every foot of the living room had at least 1 if not 5 toys, the entire Tupperware drawer was empty, pots and pans cupboard, half of the food pantry and most of Troopers water (splashed out not drank, i'm not THAT bad of a parent).

Incase your wondering what kind of parents we are, we do have locks on several of our cupboards (especially the chemicals) but in order to make breakfast with both hands, I let him explore. Maybe he'll get it out of his system? Wishful thinking :) After a good few hours playing, he fought a nap and finally gave in. We later went out to meet a friend for lunch and he was a gem for several hours. Once we get home though, oh-my-gosh. Tornado on overdrive. He is normally a well mannered play-by-myself kind of kiddo. Not today, oh no. It was more like "pick me up or I will cry until you physically go lose your mind." So before that happened, I decided to wear him around the house to help me make dinner and clean. He did well and enjoyed hanging with mom. (Dad was out building a new deck with Grandpa!)

Long story short, we're currently trying to decide what type of discipline is the best for us and our family. It will be a constantly evolving topic, i'm sure. Thankfully, both Mark and I agree on it thus far. He's too little to discipline, in our opinion so we're working on redirecting. There may have also been other underlying issues for his behavior such as not feeling well or teething. I think I need  to read some books and decide what is NOT for us and go from there. I have learned so much being a parent, and so much more to come no doubt. Glad I have a special guy to co-parent with and a cute little boy to teach me patience and endless love!

The Pounds

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just for giggles

Mr G. has some serious moves...most of which include this head bob. We think it makes him look special, in which he is, but are encouraging a little more hand waving with it!

Walk it out...

We're SOOO close to having a "walker" on our hands. He's standing up on his own almost every time he stands up and is taking one, maybe two steps at a time before toppling over. Even our daycare lady said "I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back Monday walking." I wouldn't call him a "walker" yet, but he's getting close!

When did our baby become a toddler is what I want to know!

Speaking of daycares, we're on the hunt for his next spot. He is currently at an in-home with three other babies, but the woman only keeps them until they are two so his time to move on will be soon. Ok, not soon at all, but the waiting lists for daycare centers that we're looking into are a 6-12 month wait. We toured one and were not very impressed. From having the play area right up next to the street with no fence, to most of the staff being smokers and REAKING when stood next to them.

We will have another interview next week at a hopeful center which is close to our house and a church based center that is fairly affordable. Let's hope it works out! Our little boy needs the best care ;)

Until next time...

The Pounds

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer lovin'

So i'd like to think that we're "fun" Gavin anyways. Clearly we're his only parents, so fun or not, he's stuck with us. 

Here are a few tid-bits of what we've done so far this summer!


On a walk around Silverwood Park with my friend Elizabeth

At daddy's softball game!

A few stroller rides to the park by our house


A dip in Lake Owasso with mom and Grandma L

First boat ride on Pelican Lake

Arts and crafts and tortilla making class with mom and Grandma C

Mom's birthday at the Spaghetti Factory

Lots and lots of pool time, bath time, lake time

Slice of Shoreview Parade with some friends

 Thank goodness for stroller naps

First haircut! We watched Elmo the entire time and were so good!

At a wedding with Uncle Adam 

*cheeeese!* Swimming at grandma and grandpa's house

We also got to the zoo and went to Stillwater to visit Grandpa Al and had several play dates. 

Still on our summer to-do list is...
State Fair
Eagles Nest play date
Hopefully a trip to Duluth
Waterpark with my cousins
New Deck
...and lots more time soaking up the outdoors!